Classic Chevy 5 Speed Transmission Insight - CHP Insider

We do a one on one with Classic Chevy 5 Speed's Jeff Mortenson and get the low down on overdrive manual transmissions.R&D
"Developing a new five- or six-speed swap kit isn't particularly complicated, but it's a time-consuming process that requires lots of patience. First, we test-fit parts that we know will fit in all models of a vehicle platform, such as the bellhousing, clutch, and flywheel. The next step is mounting the trans at the correct height to achieve a proper driveline angle. If our desired driveline angle creates interference between the trans and the floor, we modify the floor for clearance. After the trans is bolted in, we can determine if a stock or an aftermarket Hurst Blackjack shifter is necessary to position the shifter in the stock location. After that, a prototype crossmember is fabricated with the goal of duplicating the correct driveline angle we achieved earlier in the R&D process while still providing enough room for the exhaust.

Photo Gallery: Classic Chevy 5 Speed Transmission Insight - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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