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Cited for Exhaust in So-Cal

This is a discussion on Cited for Exhaust in So-Cal within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; LOL,,,,I understand the comunication problems,,,I have one hell of a time asking for directions. Every time I stop in a ...

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    LOL,,,,I understand the comunication problems,,,I have one hell of a time asking for directions. Every time I stop in a gas station it's owned/operated by some foreigner that can't speak english I have family in Sacramento and it's not as bad there (but it's close),,,,but LA is horrible. Stewart offered my wife a job there in LA but after several trips on business we decided there was no way we wanted to live there,,,,perfectly fine here in Cinci and just flying back and forth,,,lol. Last time I was there a couple months back I had heard on the radio that whites were officially a minority in southern CA, when I visit there I don't feel like I am still in the same country anymore

    Anyway to get back on subject,,,,to kinda answer your question JMH,,,they have noise restrictions out there, and they are enforced, you have to meet a certain decibal depending on the car you drive. They have facilities built for this I believe as well, kinda crazy. Not something we worry about here in Ohio,,,and it sounds a little foreign to us, but California,,,,is,,,,,well,,,,,I can't put it nicely so I'll shutup. Larry.

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    haha, yea, I have never been there, but I think I know what you mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zboner View Post
    that is some bullshit man, hell in kentucky they could give a shit less, i run a cutout 100% of the time and i have never been pulled over for it
    I am in NorCal and run a cutout 100% of the time as well. Never had any problems and I drive by cops just about every day...

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    u could just run pipes to the stock mufflers and have a cut-out. thats what im planning

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