Chevy Performance Q & A - Performance Q & A

Check out a readers concerns with a 1983 Chevy Corvette engine swap and much in our performance Q & A section.Here We Go Again!
We're finally settled down in our new Southern Californian home, and the immediate renovations to support a gearhead like myself are just about complete. Storage for race cars, trailers, and parts-and working space-can be tough to come by. We were lucky enough to find a house with enough space, and with a little imagination (money), we made it all work. Our realtor loved me and my wife, Lisa, because we could pull up in front of a house he wanted to show us and not even get out of the car: "That won't work to fit all my junk!"inline_mediumwraptextright26489794/hotnews/0912chp_chevy_performance_q_a0912chp_01_o+chevy_pe rformance_q_a +engine_art.jpgTrue

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