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Check out some high performance parts that will give your Chevy the much needed boost it deserves!Take The Fear Out Of Fuel Injection
It has never been easier to convert your carbureted engine to fuel injection. Most of the fear associated with fuel injection is the tuning once it's installed. With this kit, you can throw those concerns out the window. FAST now offers a complete EFI conversion system that doesn't require expert tuning advice or a laptop computer. After the kit is hooked up, answer the basic setup wizard questions on the handheld display, and the system will adjust and program itself.The FAST system is a true self-tuning fuel injection kit that comes with a 4150 throttle body, appropriate fuel injectors (four different flow rates available depending on application), and fuel rails. It even works well with any existing intake manifold and original carb-style linkage and is ready to accept all OEM sensors.

Price: $1,837
Memphis, TN

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