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Check out the few Chevy High Performance letters that made it to this months section as well as the top 12 car care myths from Meguiar's.Busted Knuckles!
Great magazine. I've been reading it for years. A while back you requested our busted-knuckles type of story, so I wanted to share my story from 40 years ago. When I was a senior in high school standing in the parking lot during a fire drill, parked right in front of me was my friend Bob Wilson's '64 four-door Valiant slant-six, known to all as the Duster. Being the rascal I can be, I figured it would be OK to switch a couple plug wires. Back to class we go. Bob worked at the local Gulf station and I worked at the local Sunoco. On my lunch break I would run down to the Gulf station to see how the better half was being treated. You can imagine my surprise walking in to find the Duster sitting in the bay with the cylinder head off. Apparently, after limping it back to work on it, he decided that the Duster needed a valve job. To this day, we still laugh to tears about that prank. Bob and I are still friends after all these years and still laugh about old times.
Tom Hagle
Bisbee, AZ

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