Chevy El Camino Rat Rod Flat Black Paint Job - Black-Tie Affair

Check out the Rat Rod Flat Black paint we splashed onto our Chevy El Camino project car!It was Round 2, and we were back at Rubio's Auto Body in Sun Valley, California, to put the finishing touches on project Brutus. The Rubio's experts had teamed up like an army of ants and pushed the build through what seemed an endless gauntlet of welding and replacing panels. When we left off ("Uncovered," June '09), the El Camino sat with the majority of the bodywork and welded panels completed. To recap what was done: We removed the old orange paint, revealing the El Camino's true colors. Rot had worked its way into just about every crevice. Some panels-the hood, front fender, and rear deck-were so far from repair they had to be replaced with reproduction pieces through the help of OPG. Other stretches of metal were cut, replaced, and filled. The rest of the good panels were sanded down and awaiting primer.inline_mediumwraptextright30698799/tech/paint_body/paint/0912chp_chevy_el_camino_rat_rod_flat_black_paint_j ob0912chp_01_z+chevy_el_camino_rat_rod_flat_black_ paint_job+custom_paint_job.jpgTrue

Photo Gallery: Chevy El Camino Rat Rod Flat Black Paint Job - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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