Chevy Cylinder Head Secrets - CHP Insider

Read about Chevy Cylinder Head secrets from throat diameter to valve angles with Judson Massingill from the School of Automotive Machinists in Houston.Porting Expert Judson Massingill
Beneath that stern, intimidating glare and impressive stature is a man with few equals in the realm of cylinder head expertise. There are probably a few people who know more about cylinder heads than Judson Massingill, but since none of them are willing to talk, their existence is inconsequential. That's not exactly PC, but maybe it's just Judson's 100-percent B.S.-free demeanor rubbing off on us. If you want answers, this straight-shooting Texan will give 'em to you in pure, unadulterated, and unfiltered form. Best of all, he's usually right.

Photo Gallery: Chevy Cylinder Head Secrets - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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