Chevy Car Questions & Answers - Performance Q&A

Come check out all the different conversations and details about Chevy Questions and Answers in this months Performance Q&A Department.A Nice listing of all the great features of the 8.1 496 engine. We had a chance to get two from a Sheriff Patrol boat that required them to be replaced at a certain hour mark. Back when the 8.1L was being developed, we, with a friend named Mark McPhail, really looked hard at making a carbureted aluminum intake for this engine. You stated the major problem: The No. 7 intake runner is going straight at the distributor location, and since the inlet ports are symmetrical (all the same design), the No. 7 runner is pointed toward the flywheel of the engine, not toward where a carburetor would be mounted! They can get away with it in a fuel-injected, dry-flow design. But when you add fuel to the mix and try to make turns like that, you have real distribution problems that cannot be overcome.

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