Chevy Big Block Zex Nitrous Perimeter Plate Install - The Big Squeeze

Check out the highly advanced Zex Dominator flange nitrous perimeter plate system as we install it on a Chevy big-block engine.If you recall from our November '08 issue ("A Monster is Born"), Steve Brulé of Westech Performance built a superb naturally aspirated 12:1 496ci big-block. We made good use of its internals too with a solid rotating assembly starting with a Lunati 4.125-inch stroker crank and 6.385-inch I-beam rods. The bores were then plugged with 48cc domed Wiseco pistons and topped with a heavy breathing pair of cylinder heads from AFR to create 12 points of compression. The AFR 325 as-cast lungs we installed flowed 385 cfm on the intake and 285 cfm on the exhaust at 0.700 inch of lift. At the center, we chose a high-lift Comp piece to deliver 274/280 intake/exhaust degrees of duration at 0.050 inch of lift and pulled out a matching set of solid roller Comp lifters. When all was said and done, we planted the mule on Westech's 902 SuperFlow dyno for testing. The bored and stroked combination churned out 780 hp and 658 lb-ft worth of stump-pulling force without even breaking a sweat.inline_mediumwraptextright30701481/tech/engines_drivetrain/shortblock/0912chp_chevy_big_block_zex_nitrous_perimeter_plat e_install0912chp_01_z+chevy_big_block_zex_nitrous_ gTrue

Photo Gallery: Chevy Big Block Zex Nitrous Perimeter Plate Install - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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