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Check out the various engine combinations possible with a custom Chevy 383 turbocharged engine build, and much more!For Safety's Sake
Every two years we get to do the seatbelt boogie in our race cars. Some people moan and complain that NHRA and other sanctioning bodies are getting kickbacks from the belt manufacturers. Well, I'm not one of them. Every time I belt myself into my roadster, I trust those belts to keep me within the safety zone of my 'cage and chassis. Sure, most door cars (enclosed) don't get much sunlight on the belts, but our open cars and dragsters have direct sunlight deteriorating the nylon webbing. The last thing you need is a belt failure as you're slamming into the guardrail-or worse, a racer coming into your lane.

Photo Gallery: Chevy 383 Turbocharged Engine Build - Performance Q & A

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