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Driving your cool-running Chevelle out on the highway or around town is a blast, but once Mother Nature throws a little rain your way, you'd better have a good wiper system in order to see where you're going. Sure, the stock two-speed wipers might work well to clear the rain under average conditions, but what's average about 75 mph through a downpour or an endless mist at the fairgrounds?
If you're like most hot rodders who love to drive their performance cars under varying conditions, you'll be glad to know the folks at Detroit Speed and Engineering (DSE) have recently released a seven-speed wiper system called the Selecta-Speed for '64-72 Chevelles that easily bolts in to the original location and takes up far less room on the firewall. Of the seven electronically controlled speeds, five are spaced delays, while the basic low- and high-speed settings are retained.
The benefits of this wiper system are a cleaner engine compartment, more working room around the driver-side valve cover and brake booster, and, best of all, a wiper speed to match any type of rain condition by just a flick of a switch. To see how easily this installs and works, read on.
EZ Wiper Off
Removing a set of wiper arms can be a little tricky. This is because the female-splined mounting area inside the base of the arm (socket) uses a hidden tang to apply side pressure against the male-splined pivot. If the arm is improperly removed with a makeshift tool, such as a pair of common pliers, the wiper arm's finish-or your paint-can become scratched. Instead of running this risk, use a wiper-arm tool the first time. They're easy to find and inexpensive.
Wiper-arm tools are available either from many auto parts stores or online. The tool (shown in hand) is from Snap-on (PN A192) and allows both removal and installation of the wiper arm. This tool is currently listed for $8.85 at The second style (also shown) is a K-D tool (PN SER 2039) with a squeeze handle. It's available from many auto-parts stores, or at for $15.39. This second tool works only to remove the wiper arm.

This Snap-on tool makes quick work out of removing and installing wiper arms without scratching the arm or the car's paint.

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