Centerforce Clutch Performance Tips - CHP Insider

Don't let your clutch go up in smoke as Will Baty of Centerforce gives performance tips on how to get your clutch to perform at maximum performance.The life of a clutch is rought: lots of stress, unreasonable expectations, and a tremendous amount of heat that accompanies a slip in performance. Actually, it's worse. Muscle cars are heavy, and many late-models are even heavier. Horsepower is exploding, and tires are getting stickier. All this is compounded by the knucklehead in the driver seat whose left foot does its best impersonation of a high-stall converter at the Tree. On top of all that, people demand soft pedal pressure, smooth engagement, and component longevity. And you thought your job was tough! Although the conditions inside a bellhousing are bleak, there's hope for the poor clutch. Companies like Centerforce have learned to transcend these challenges and developed methods to get clutches to grab like they should. Maximizing clutch performance is a delicate balance of clamping force, disc design, and high-tech friction materials. To help you solve your clutch woes, we hit up Will Baty and had him explain it all to us.

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