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Come check out all the different conversations and details about Chevy experiences in this months CHP Garage Department including safety with power tools, and so much more.Knuckle-Buster
Back in 2003 my 15-year-old son and I were doing a V-8 conversion on an '88 S-10 Blazer. We figured out that the factory transmission crossmember could be used for the Turbo 400 we were installing, if the transmission mount tab was cut off and welded on the opposite side. I got out my trusty Sawzall and propped the trans crossmember at a 45-degree angle against the workbench. I proceeded to cut in a downward motion. As I got close to the end of the cut, I slowed the Sawzall down. The tab fell to the ground, and I let off the trigger of the Sawzall. The Sawzall was slowing to a stop at the same time I finished the cut, so I let the Sawzall dangle by the handle at the end. I felt a slight bump on the top of my foot. I looked down at my foot and blood was gushing out. I looked up at my son. His eyes were the size of baseballs and his jaw dropped. I threw the Sawzall on the ground. I then said several explicit words. I looked up at my son and told him... Well, it sounded something like this:

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