Brodix Cylinder Heads, Engine Block & Intake Manifold Insight - CHP Insider

Ever wonder about the science of cylinder head, engine block and intake manifold design and manufacturing; then check out this article as we ask Jeff Brotherton of Brodix his insight in this area.If you want the cheapest deal in town, look elsewhere. Brodix isn't shy about the fact that its products aren't the least expensive on the market. The company is confident that its cutting-edge R&D capabilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility yield the highest-quality cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and aluminum blocks in the industry. And the last time we checked, Brodix isn't having any problems selling parts. For the better part of four decades, Brodix has powered race-winning machines in everything from NHRA Pro Stock to World of Outlaws sprint cars to grassroots-level drag, circle track, late-model dirt, and tractor-pull racing. The company developed its first aftermarket cylinder head in 1971, and with one of the most advanced in-house foundries in the business, it has been refining its manufacturing techniques ever since. Intrigued at what exactly the manufacturing involves, we picked Jeff Brotherton's brain to learn how things like testing, tooling, casting, heat treating, machining, racing, and even networking all come together. It's a fascinating and enlightening science, to say the least. So, gentlemen, may we have your undivided attention?

Photo Gallery: Brodix Cylinder Heads, Engine Block & Intake Manifold Insight - Chevy High Performance

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