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Brake Rotors

This is a discussion on Brake Rotors within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I had the same concerns about drilled rotors and the cracking issues and some guys say that if they are ...

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    I had the same concerns about drilled rotors and the cracking issues and some guys say that if they are drilled they will crack others never had cracks. I went to SP Performance Rotors (
    and went with a slotted and dimpled rotor. The neat part is that when the dimples get a little dust in them they look drilled that way you don't have any issues with cracking. They also can zink plate them and they won't rust. They can advise you on pads which they also sell. They look great and are an improvement over stock brakes.

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    I would like to change my rotots as well possibly this summer. Not sure what to go with as its a daily driver. I want something that works well but wont cost and arm and a leg and be junk in 5k miles.

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    Check out Brake Performance.Com

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    I run OE pads and rotors. The Slotted/cross drilled have not been proven to me for daily and occasional dragstrip use.

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    on a performance standpoint, brake pad technology has bypassed rotor technology in the sense that pads don't generate the amount of gases that the holes were originally developed to vent out of the rotor. Slots on the other hand help both the cooling and the slots help breaking without the added likely hood of your rotor cracking. So i suppose dimpled rotors would also be a better middle ground, if you want the look, theoretically they should help breaking a little bit, but also tear your pads up a little quicker. For any road racing or serious driving where you'll be really getting on the brakes a lot, the downfalls of drilled rotors don't really outweigh the benefits anymore i seem to have seen. once my pair of drilled and slotted are shot im switchin to slotted and just a bitchin pair of pads. i just went to an sccs performance driving experience class at new jersey motorsports park, and half of the instructor's track cars were running oem rotors and just really good pads. i cant lie though i was kind of sad because they do look pretty sweet haha

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    drt out of lowell massachusetts! they use centric rotors will drill or slot or both will paint rotor hat for you have had them for 43,000 mi. good people to get real answers from too. good pricing two thumbs up

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