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This is a discussion on Batteries within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I've bought 3 optima red tops. The first 2 lasted about 6 years each. On the 3rd one now. Been ...

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    I've bought 3 optima red tops. The first 2 lasted about 6 years each. On the 3rd one now. Been in my camaro about 3-4 years now. Have never had a problem with any of them until that 5 or 6 year mark. Guess I'm lucky.
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    I have an Optima Red Top, works fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaosinfinite View Post
    What kind of batteries do all of you use? I am using an Optima Red Top battery atm, and I feel like it isn't doing so good. Has anyone had any issues with the red top, or any Optima batteries? Also, what brands would everyone recommend on buying?

    I do want to upgrade the sound system in my car along with the headunit, so I think I might want a bit more juice for all of that + the phatbox I have.
    No issues with my red top!

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    Optima 10 years ago was a good product for the money. They're over priced garbage nowadays, go in and ask autoparts store how many returns of optimas they get.

    My car has a die hard. Came with it when I bought it 6 years ago. Batteries require maintenance just like anything else, there's more to it than putting a trickle charger on it over the winter (for those of us who have to do that). Getting the alt tested to make sure its up to snuff promotes battery life, never cold starting it while its been sitting for while, never allow it to become discharged, not over drawing its current capabilities (typically happens with car audio), ETC. Hell, there even better ways to charge batteries.

    I'd buy a decent battery with high cold cranking amps. Spend 80 to 100, no need to blow 150 on something that isnt any better than the $50 ones.
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    I always buy the ACdelco 6 or 7 year batteries with high cold cranking amps, and spend $100-$120 for them. Every one of them has went 10 or 11 years. As a matter of fact, I've got another one going on 10 years this summer and it's still going strong in my 70 formy, and it sits for periods..
    I replaced the one in my chevelle last year (spring time) and it was 11 years old and going on 12 that summer. It had lost it's green eye (remember those?? they don't make them anymore) at about 6 years old,,,and still kept on kicking for another 5 years

    My truck has had it's ACdelco for about 6 years now and I expect it to also go well past it's life expectancy.

    I've had others, like the red ones that Autozone sells, Deka or something like that?? I've had them go bad on more than one occasion and have to trade them in on there progressive warranty program. So I tend to stay away from the other brands now.

    I'd trade this red top Optima for an ACdelco in a heartbeat if I could..

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    i bought one autozone duralast yellow top... luckly the other cars we got came with the same battery and with the warrenty i havent bought one for any of my i got no problem with them

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