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Asshole room mate+weed eater = pissed Camaro owner

This is a discussion on Asshole room mate+weed eater = pissed Camaro owner within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by Zedicous ditto. Boils down to lack of respect which most don't seem to have anymore. It is ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zedicous View Post
    Boils down to lack of respect which most don't seem to have anymore.
    It is hard to believe there is such little respect and integrity today. Hey Zedicious!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TedsB4Csled View Post
    It is hard to believe there is such little respect and integrity today. Hey Zedicious!
    Blaim it on their parents..


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    Yep, and it's scary to think that these are the people in the next 15 years that will be out trying to make it in the real world

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spikito View Post
    Ok, so most of us, including myself like to have clean cars. I wash mine about everyother week, or after it rains. I do a pretty decent amount of driving so it gets dirty. So I wash it up real good last week and use some new stuff to blacken my tires. Black Magic Cleaner Foam, followed by Black Magic Gel. i would def recommend both. But anyway, my tires looked like they were coated in vaseline for a few days, but now it looks good, and its not fading. But about 3 days after doing this, my room mate decided to weed eat the the house that evening.

    He didnt tell me anything about it, and it was almost getting dark, I didnt even know he was out there. I usually park in the garage, but I was the last one home, so i was in the driveway. He knows how particular i am about a clean car, hes almost as bad with his truck. He's been involved in almost every one of my mods. But hes been being an asshole lately,not real sure why.

    Anyway, I go outside to get something out of my car, and I see this.

    Click for full size

    Click for full size

    And of course with the tires being freshly blackened it stuck on pretty good. I had to get the waterhose and a brush to get the shit off, and in the process ruined my shine job.

    He shrugged it off and said I shouldn't have parked there.

    if that's seriously what he said word for word i probably would of had a hard time not beating his face in. either way it was a dick move. something this "dumb" would put me on the verge of moving out. cuz maybe he's trying to tell u something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TedsB4Csled View Post
    Yeah that sucks and he's and ass, but could be worse; you could have been sold a car that had so much 'hidden' tranny damage it had to be rebuilt. And the same son of PTNAF kid that did it also dumped the codes for bad O2 sensor. That cost more money and that 100 miles after you bought it the PTNAF kid refuses any responsability and has NO integrity to atleast pay part of the $. Then you find the lemon law in your new state(home) doesn't protect you like your old state did, so you feel like a complete idiot. After you get over it and make repairs you have a nice rebuilt tranny, O2 sensor and new front brakes, cool right? So then you decide to make some mods, like your exhaust. So you have a mechanic install an aftermarket flowmaster, cool. Then you want MORE exhaust, and need a tune up cause you're at about 100k. The same mechanic says he'll install headers and do a tune up. OK, so far looks good. He handled the muffler ok, come back the next day and there is a large dent in your rocker panel under side the driver door that was never there! They claim they didn't do it, but to make you 'feel' better they'll give you a few free dyno pulls. In disgust you take the car out of there and attempt to drive home. On 4 miss-firing cylinders which the mechanic(I can't call this a$$ a mechanic anymore), I mean idiot says it may be your plugs or wires, which are new? Well you tell the idiot to fix it and you plan how to get him to pay for the $400 dent that night. You call the idiot the next day to discover they have cleaned all the plugs on passenger side and it seems to have been running fine, IDLEING FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF!!! Can you already guess 2 problems, besides the idiot is not an idiot but a f@#$%^& inbred goat f@#$%r!!! You go down there, get the car out of there ASAP! It runs like crap. You take it to the dealership, they find the problem within minutes; the FIGF (fu#$%^& inbred goat f@#$%r has managed to destroy the o2 sensor completely! Now the plugs are fouled again, time to replace another o2 sensor....and oh by the way he left one spark plug hand tight! Also, this is not the first time he's f@#$%d up a car, the dealership knows him by name when I mention the garage. So they fix it right and charge me and I drive off. Till the following day it throws a code, I'm like: WTF now? Oh, the FIGF pumped raw fuel into the cat on the pass side cause the O2 was bad and he has now burnt it out!!!!!!!!!! Cats are not cheap! So you personally climb under the car, mind that you're paralyzed from the waist down, and pull yourself under while it's on car ramps and see what else happened...oh, only 2 correct bolts in the driver side header to cat flange, the third one is too long to do anything and is the wrong size! Ok who to kill first? You calm down, haveing already one fight with the PTNAF (Punk That Needs A#$ F@#$%^g(VERY ANGRY), let's take the FIGF to BBB. He never acknowledges the BBB so now it is going to the Dept of Justice Consumer Protection. Ok you were smart enuf to pay with credit card though, so they credit you and so far that looks good! Meanwhile you want the dent fixed. You gotta run and get an estimate for that and an estimate for cat! Your still fuming with the PTNAF who needs more than a kick to the throat, and you have been subdued by friends who do not allow you to ram his car off the road with your own vehicle. Dumb friends. You start legal proceedings to commence with the little bastard PTNAF, although you wanna break his knee cap open with a hammer while he's looking right at you. I think that would be more than fair for him. That has not happened. Meantime it's time for a tune and a dyno. Car runs ok so you find a tuner and she(yeah call me a sucker for a female tuner who's hot!) says she'll do it at a car show and there is a dyno there to check her work. It's a 2 hour drive, but your not going to do a mail order tune or be smart enuf to pay more $ for a dyno-tune, oh no. Ok tune is done, but there is dumb blonde look on face of tuner, hmmmmm. Dyno techs put it on dyno and you ask them if they want a lesson on how to use hand controls because you are in a wheel chair and that's what you need for driving. Oh no, he says he will use the confusing for him...the dyno commences and the tuner pulls a dyno that looks like the Rocky Mts and 280rwhp? Oh that is good for a car with 100k she says...I look at her and think, Dumb Fu$%#$g Blonde(DFB). But she adjusts some shit and they pull it again. They pull on the gas lever way to hard which manages to engage the brakes! Smoke comes out of the rims, fire follows the smoke, the pads actually caught on fire! Meantime one guy tries to blow out the flames with his mouth! I scramble over with my wheelchair and tell them the fire extinguisher is in the back seat! I need to do this because they're standin' around doing nothing! I have this on video! I need rear pads, rotors, brake fluid flush, maybe calipers and the rims may be damaged. So the point to this rant, and yes it is true through my own eyes, punch him in the throat! Bwahahahahaha!!! I love that! No, but really let him know that's disrespectful and will NOT happen again. You can see in comparison how much worse things can be as well. As for me, I take blame for a few of the choices I made, but a punch in the throat will not satisfy my needs. Especially for the PTNAF. He is gonna get it. Oh, and if anyone here likes to go all Ultimate Fighter on someone, I beg you, I'll buy you a plane ticket, I'll buy you car parts, I'll do a whole lot to see you cage match that PTNAF or hold me up while I do it!!!

    Be thankful for the good stuff in your life guys, stand up for your buds and throat chop any idiot who F@#&$ with you, your car, friends and family cause that ain't what this country is about. Amen!

    Good news was I went to Nick Williams for Dyno Tune! Now I need the DFB to detune it cause ma thinks it goes too fast!!!!!!!!!! JK!!!

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