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ASR Traction Control default to off... how to do it?

This is a discussion on ASR Traction Control default to off... how to do it? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I've done some searching on the forums, here's what i found so far... Originally Posted by rebelphotog96 For $70, you ...

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    ASR Traction Control default to off... how to do it?

    I've done some searching on the forums, here's what i found so far...

    Quote Originally Posted by rebelphotog96 View Post
    For $70, you can buy a module that (will make ASR default to "off" until "turned on"). I know SLP has them, but I don't know who else, if anyone else, does. Kinda pricey, but I'll probably end up buying it.
    Here's a link to SLP's module that "rebelphotog96" is referring to:

    Does anyone have the schematics of this module? $80 shipped seems expensive to me too... i'd like to maybe build one from scratch...
    Quote Originally Posted by 02 WS6 TA View Post
    Or, simply unplug the connector under the car, just behind the driver side lower seat...
    Does this actually work? What exactly happens to the system if a person simply unplugs the connector "02 WS6 TA" is referring to? What's the status of the ASR off light in the dash? How about the light in the ASR switch... is that on or off? Can someone describe a little better (and/or perhaps attach a picture) as to where this connector under the car is?
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    I don't have it, but I do know it plugs in right behind the switch. It makes it so when you start the car, the asr is off. The light on the instrument panel is probably on saying "ASR Off" and the light on the button is probably off. Once you push the button it turns it on, or back to off like normal. It just makes it so you don't have to think about it when you start the car if you prefer it to be always off. Goodluck!


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    I couldn't stand the thought of having to stare at that light, so I had my tuner go in and lower all the computer values to zero, now it behaves much better, not coming on so soon, and certainly not kicking your foot off the gas pedal. It is a two part system, both electronic, and mechanical, so mine's now still there, but not as obtrusive. She's a much better behaved bitch! So if you have a tuner, or someone who can access your ECU, you can always do what I did, and make living with it alot easier.

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    comes in handy after doing 5 passes at the strip and forgetteing to turn it off

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