Aeromotive Fuel Systems Insight - CHP Insider

Get the inside scoop from Jesse Powell and Brett Clow of Aeromotive on fuel systems technology.Sure, it's twisted, but with gas prices so low these days, our idea of going green is burning as much of the stuff as possible while it's still cheap. You can't get much greener than the color of cash, and it will pump money into the economy to boot. Accomplishing such an altruistic endeavor requires a serious fuel system, and Aeromotive has the goods to get the job done. Since opening for business in 1994, the company's pumps, filters, and regulators have been the choice of countless street/strip enthusiasts and hardcore racers. In fact, the fastest nitrous-powered car on the planet, Mike Castellana's IHRA Pro Mod F-body, relies on an Aeromotive fuel system while ripping down the track in six seconds flat at 239 mph.

Photo Gallery: Aeromotive Fuel Systems Insight - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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