Hi Guys! I'm working on my son's 1994 Camaro 3.4L and could use some help.

I believe we have a vacuum leak/issue based on these symptoms: on mild acceleration, it bogs down (dogs out) and on mild acceleration the blower for the AC begins blowing threw the defrost vent instead of the dash vents. From what I've researched thus far, both situations seem to point to vacuum.

I also read that this camaro has vacuum reservoir; however, I cannot find its location in my Haynes manual or online. I have read that possible culprits for the vacuum issue could be the check valve, diverter valve (air bypass valve), vacuum reservoir or a break in one of the lines. I know where everything is except the vacuum reservoir. Your help is appreciated!

Also, here is what we've done/tested so far with regards to the bog under mild acceleration issue: primary and secondary ohms test of the coil packs, replaced the pvc, checked the fuel regulator valve (no gas issue). Also, the plugs and wires only have 10k miles on them. The car itself has well over 200k on it.........not sure exactly how much as the odometer doesn't work.

Thanks in advance for your input! cal & son