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Riley Tech has been selected as the EXCLUSIVE builder of the Camaro for the Grand Am Challenge GS Camaro.

What you don't know and I can now say that Pedders worked with GM on the development of this vehicle. The Grand Am Challenge Camaro will run the circuit using what Pedders considers to be daily driver bushes and bits. The OE Camaro will arrive with hydraulically damped radius rod bushes. The OE radius rod bush performs well on the street for most drivers. For the enthusiast driver a hydraulically damped radius rod bush is about as useful as the wrong size driving shoes. They are too compliant. GM asked Pedders to develop a radius rod bush that would withstand the demands of track use. You will be able to buy EP6560C Camaro Radius Rod Bushes, the same bushes we developed for the Grand Am Challenge. It is the same bush we will be using as a basic component of the Camaro suspension.

The Grand Am Challenge is a full on race car. It does not use street style dampers and there are other revisions to the suspension and drive-line. These cars will also be using Pedders eXtreme Castor Washers in addition to the full on hard mount strut bearing with Castor and Camber adjustment. In the rear suspension Pedders EP7267 Toe Link Bushes, 5422 Toe Link eXtreme Washers and EP7266 Rear Control Arm Bush. In testing at the Milford Proving Grounds GM determined that our Pedders Bits met or exceeded their engineering and driving expectations.

Pedders is a unique company. We do not make parts for race cars. We do make some street parts that just happen to perform incredibly well on the race track. Our warranty is also unique. Pedders does not have a racing exclusion. You can take your Pedderised street legal Camaro to the track, flog it. If a Pedders part fails within 24 months or 36,000 miles it is covered under warranty.

We were absolutely thrilled to be invited to work with GM on the development of the Grand Am Challenge GS Camaro. We consider it an honor to have been selected for such a special project. Working with is another honor. To be told that I own the "best handling G8 in the world" by some of the people who have worked on this project is yet another honor. We invite all of you in the G8 community to take pride in the ZETA based Pedderised Chassis that will be racing in the Grand Am Challenge as a GS Camaro.