402 Chevy LS2 Short Block Engine Build - Thumper

Check out our LS2 Chevy short block engine build as we test Trick Flow Cylinder Heads, two Comp Cams solid rollers and a Zex Perimeter plate and get 600hp on motor and 800hp on nitrous.It's a little intimidating at first. You know it's just another engine. It's got all the same stuff a traditional small-block has, like pistons, crank, rods, a cam, and lifters-but this one has been masked in an unfamiliar dress. This one is skinned in aluminum and lacks the traditional painted iron block and deep-sumped oil pan. Plus it sports metric hardware instead of the American units we are accustomed to. Don't kid yourself though. This all-aluminum mill means business, and it has become one of GM's tried-and-true thoroughbreds of the new millennium.

Photo Gallery: 402 Chevy LS2 Short Block Engine Build - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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