so i did a list of ideas for performance and posted it up. but i think i may go in a differnt direction with my car... i was just searching the web and seen a 383 kit from TSP. i was just gonna rebuild my ls1 stock bottom end with cam and stuff. but im more thinking bout gettin into the bottom with some good internals. i wanna get some domed pistons not flat tops. is this possible with a 98 ls1. heard there were something weird with the 98s. and also so i gotta get this blocked bored out? notched? im not gonna run nitrous or do a forced intro.

heres what i was thinking.

Eagle 4.000" Stroke Forged LS-Series Stroker Crankshaft
Eagle 6.125" x .927" H-Beam Connecting Rods with ARP 8740 Rod Bolts
Wiseco Forged Aluminum 2618 Pistons of 3.903" bore +5cc pisotns
Wiseco HD Wrist Pin Set

Wiseco GFX Steel Top & Napier 2nd Ring
Full Balancing
Clevite Main and Rod Bearings