383 Chevy Small Block LS1 Engine Build - LS Resurrection

Check out this LS1 engine build as we get big block hp out of a 383 Chevy small block.As the old saying goes, "The end of one man's garage space is the start of another man's project." OK, we made that up. Nevertheless, it's true for so many of us-we tenaciously hang onto parts or engines or even entire cars, certain that sometime in the future we'll actually make something of our cache of go-fast goodies. Often, however, that future happens for the next guy-the one who gets a smokin' deal when all that stuff just finally has to go. In this case, the treasure to be had was a complete LS1 engine with a spun bearing, minus coil packs, available for a ridiculously low $250 when the previous owner just had to get it out of his garage. You can be sure we'll be putting this bargain find to good use, starting with its re-creation by Turn Key Engine Supply into a stout-and carbureted-383 stroker.

Photo Gallery: 383 Chevy Small Block LS1 Engine Build - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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