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2010 Camaro SS vs 2011 5.0 Mustang GT

This is a discussion on 2010 Camaro SS vs 2011 5.0 Mustang GT within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by Texas Jack Well I drove a 2010 mero for 2000 miles and did not like it, and ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas Jack View Post
    Well I drove a 2010 mero for 2000 miles and did not like it, and I am a die hard Chevy & GM guy. I like my GTO much better. Looking forward to seeing what the 2011 stang is all about. Ford & Chevy have been locking horns forever and all I see is $ getting bigger, all it takes is money and my almost stock Goat has already racked up 3 mero SS without a problem. Brand new at $27,000 with maybe $1000 extra, sorry something is amiss, the #'s for the cars is crasy, for 15K extra the Goat would be a beast.
    obviously, because you know camaro is spelt with an 'a' not an 'e'

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    Quote Originally Posted by justinmc978 View Post
    if i had the money and had to choose between the two? yes.
    me too

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    Quote Originally Posted by justinmc978 View Post
    no, because i have little faith in Ford products, if i'm going to be driving it everyday and relying on it to work how it's supposed to then i'll go with the Chevrolet. also, even though you refuse to admit it, the Camaro is rarer and has much more swagger with bystanders than another mustang.
    Who's imfamous 9 inch rear end do we look for when it comes to replacing the crappy 10 bolt in our F-bodys? I like GM but I am not married to them as some of you appear to be. Like I've said before I want the best bang for my buck. I've had 3 mustangs 2 third gen camaros 1 third gen trans am and 2 4th gen camaros. Trust me when I tell you Ford has GM by the short and curlys when it comes to interior build quality hands down. Maybe the 5th gen is better but I doubt it.

    There are a lot of mustangs on the street for good reason, there affordable. Prepare yourself to see a ton more of them in 2011. The new camaro is heavy, overpriced and its ridiculous to think that they need to redesign this thing again after being out for less than a year. If that don't say something to ya I don't know what else needs to be said.

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    This is just like the other thread that got closed yesterday, this thread has been hashed enough, its a dead topic, enough for now.

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