2008 Goodguys PPG Nationals - Just Say Columbus

Exclusive coverage of the 11th Annual Goodguys PPG Nations with many high performance Chevy Camaro's, Chevelle's Nova's, Monte Carlo's and Corvette's.Some things are so big they only need one name. Baseball fans know all too well who The Babe is. Rockers have no doubt who is being referenced when they hear about The Boss. And so it is with the Goodguys PPG Nationals-all you have to do is mention its more common moniker, Columbus, and gearheads across the nation know that the subject has turned to one of the biggest, varied, and most influential happenings in the classic car hobby. This year's edition, the 11th annual, stayed true to form, summoning street rods, customs, classic trucks, and pre-'72 musclecars of every ilk, topped by a stunning array of Chevy musclecars contending for the coveted Goodguys/Air Ride Street Machine of the Year award.

Photo Gallery: 2008 Goodguys PPG Nationals - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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