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2002 som v6 coupe - value

This is a discussion on 2002 som v6 coupe - value within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Ink, ink I smell ink!...

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    Quote Originally Posted by oso ss View Post
    It seems to be the point you and everyone else in this thread is missing. It's not a rare collectors car. It's not a highly modified race car. It's a base model (6 cyl) car with a metric asston of miles on it
    Exactly. It's still a camaro with the base engine (and 200,000 miles for cripes sake)

    Even places like Haggerty or Grundy wouldn't consider this a collectable, no way they would even insure something like this, options or not.

    Insurance wants to give him $5K for a V6 car with 200,000 miles???? I'd say that's more than fair. It's sure as hell more than I or alot of other people would pay for a base model camaro with that kind of use.
    You can buy a Z for not much more and half the mileage. Take the money and run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by konigandy6 View Post
    You both will lose.
    My humble apologies to you and others Sr..

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    Small correction Firebirdjones it's 3,200 they want to give me, 2,600 if I want to keep it. If it was 5k it wouldn't feel as bad, at least I could get a good majority of it fixed.

    I think part of it is that the adjustor thinks because he is dealing with a girl that he can just do whatever he wants because I'm stupid or he can push me around.

    And I know, who the hell else has 200,000 on their 02 Camaro. Other than regular maintenance all I've had to do is replace the fuel pump, and the motors for the windows.

    BTW, some of you boys are a bit touchy on your knowledge or for some, lack of knowledge of Camaros.

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    My misunderstanding then. For some reason I thought they were paying $5,000. Maybe I got this mixed up with something else, my appologies.

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