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2000 Camaro SS - questions

This is a discussion on 2000 Camaro SS - questions within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Okay, so I went and drove a Camaro SS today - wow. So much different than my seemingly gutless Mustang ...

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    2000 Camaro SS - questions

    Okay, so I went and drove a Camaro SS today - wow. So much different than my seemingly gutless Mustang (V6). Convertible, Borla Exhaust, aftermarket rims, Hurst shifter (odd feeling to me), leather interior, etc. Only has 64k or so miles.

    For the bad, there is some body damage. One good size ding below the passenger door on the bottom trim, the tail light is cracked and bumper a bit messed up (looks like backed into something), the windshield is cracked (down the middle, pretty good size crack), the convertible top button is sort of falling off, when I moved the sun blocker to undo the top, that popped out and wouldn't go back in (the metal piece was actually broken off), and it seemed to be pretty bumpy on the highway. Few other things I'm probably not mentioning, but that seems to be the gist of it. The top was alright, starting to fade a bit, window alright, line across the bar where it seems to sit and start the actual frame.

    Basically, he and his friend say "it's been taken good care of", whatever. Horse **** IMO. You can tell its been beat on, and albeit having that low number of miles, more seems to be wrong with it than there should be.
    He's asking 10k for it. Was asking 12k a month or so ago, then I saw it re-listed for the 10. I figured I'd offer 8, and take it if he said yeah. Main problem I see will be little things like exterior work, because the engine seems pretty good and strong and it shifts fine. If I put 2k of stuff into getting all that fixed, would it be worth it?

    Also, the clutch felt really light compared to what I'm used to...not sure if it was just me or not, then again the 2010 VW CC I drove today also had a very light clutch....could be just me?

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    Can't comment on the price as I haven't looked lately, but being the clutch is hydraulic, the pedal for the most part is pretty soft compared to cable clutches.

    64K miles isn't nothing on these cars if they have been maintained well.

    Typically though if the outside of the car looks like crap you can almost guarantee that the motor was also not maintained well.

    Is there any maintenance records? Oil changes? Fuel filter changes? Anything like that?

    There's a large market for these cars with aftermarket parts. However, when you start talking about the transmission and motor, things can add up quickly.

    Good luck!
    It's on jackstands.

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    8k is kind of high for what sounds like bad condition. Remember to snap us some pics

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