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1999 Z28

This is a discussion on 1999 Z28 within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hey guys FIRST POST!!!! Anyhow, Im a dealer from NC and picked up a 99 Z28 today. Its Summit bright ...

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    1999 Z28

    Hey guys FIRST POST!!!!

    Anyhow, Im a dealer from NC and picked up a 99 Z28 today. Its Summit bright white with T-tops and an automatic. Pretty slick and a one (lady owner) that got tired of paying the gas bills.

    Anyone have any idea what this things worth? Its white, slick as a whistle, never wrecked, never painted. I dont have a pick, its on the transport truck coming to the lot.

    Also, How many HP does this thing make?

    Thanks to all that help on this topic.

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    Sheesh this thing will freakin move!

    has 108k by the way

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    It should have about 300-320rwhp.
    108k is alot so it won't be worth as much(obviously). Also the Z28's go for cheaper than the SS's.

    Congrats by the way.

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    wow thats alot of miles......

    id guess $7000 with that milage.

    good luck
    315rwhp 98 SILVER Z28 (3500lbs)- SOLD
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    I got on it a couple times today (cuz I could lol) but nothing like at a race track or anything. The first time is puffed a carbon dark looking plume out (just a puff as the padding gear kicked in) I ran it up to 5500 and let it hit second and dam it hit so hard the traction light came on.

    The second time, it was just a little puff so my guess was maybe carbon buildup or something.

    The lady was 47 years old so I guess she was pretty easy on it.

    I swear, Ive had 6 5.0 mustangs, an 84,85,87,95,96 cobra and an 84 SVO and none of them had the low down ground pounding torque this one does. It felt like the road was coming apart when I laid into it from a 20 roll and its box stock. I could not ever imagine 550 HP in this car, just unreal!

    $7000 is kool, NADA average trade is $7575 but Id take $6500 for it easy.

    Thx for all the replies.
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    Heres a pic. Its Nasty (as in dirty) lol

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    00 Z28 sold :-(

    sweeeet Z for the smoke, it might be a little rich. Do the FRA mod and get a lid and see if that leans it out any....if not do as many mods as you can and then tune it. Here's a good start with the free mods...

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