1972 Chevy Nova Weiand 142 Blower Upgrade - Boost Machine

Check out our 1972 Chevy Nova project car which will be getting a Weiand 142 blower upgrade and cranks out 300+ HP.Adding power is addicting. Once you get a taste for it, you end up craving more, and it's hard to stop the madness until the wallet runs dry or you're too scared to drive the thing. Thankfully though, we aren't at either of those crossroads...yet. When we get the opportunity to add loads of "go" for not much green, and when it comes in a small, conveniently sized package that's completely bolt-on, well, now you're talking. There isn't anything better than adding nearly 80 hp in a matter of hours and having the know-how to do it yourself.

Photo Gallery: 1972 Chevy Nova Weiand 142 Blower Upgrade - Chevy High Performance

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