1970 Chevy Chevelle Currie Enterprises Rearend Installation - CHP Step By Step Landing Gear

Step by step installation of Currie Enterprises 9 inch rearend under the chassis of our 1970 Chevy Chevelle.What? Did you really think we would leave you hanging without an install of our mail-order 9-inch rearend from Currie Enterprises ("Mail-Order 9," Aug. '08)? Think again. We recently followed along with Currie as they produced one made-to-order rearend for a '70 A-body Chevelle. If you recall, the '70 Chevelle was purchased as a leftover project car, and we've been following along as owner Robert Varoujanian from Santa Clarita, California, has been converting it from an all-out drag thug into a much more pleasurable street/'strip sled. In order to achieve this, we had to remove the original rearend, which incidentally was in great shape, only it was encumbered by a spool and C-clip eliminators, and the short gearing wasn't going to allow for any enjoyable street excursions.

Photo Gallery: 1970 Chevy Chevelle Currie Enterprises Rearend Installation - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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