1970 Chevy Camaro - Lacerator

Check out Scott Albright's 1970 Chevy Camaro with an Edelbrock Victor Jr Intake Manifold and Auto Meter Gauges and much more !!!When a geezer like me reads about a young guy like Scott Albright, he gets a little wistful and a lot introspective. Here's Scott, 30 years old, top of his physical game, no wife, no kids, a livelihood that never fails to excite, good bucks, full medical, retirement plan ... and a car that runs low 9s at better than a buck-fifty. Perhaps more important than all these perquisites is his social circle, which is part close family, part close friends: irreplaceable and invaluable. Yes, Scott Albright is a lucky young man, indeed.

Photo Gallery: 1970 Chevy Camaro - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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