1970 Chevelle Frontend Revival
Sometimes you own the project and sometimes, unfortunately, the project owns you. Case in point:The '70 Chevelle shown here started out as a potential grudge-night brawler, only to be abandoned after the funds ran dry. Prior to sitting on the sidelines, a freshened 502ci big-block was dropped in between the rails and the entire frontend was removed in anticipation of being upgraded with new sheetmetal. Suffice it to say, years down the road it still needed a face-lift-among other things.
These days, the once idle 'Velle is in capable hands of a new owner, and he has little intention of reviving the dragstrip theme. Instead, we're talking street thumper with the occasional open-track jaunts. Don't expect a trailer queen asking to be pampered with A/C. We're starting by giving the ol' ride a new look with fresh components right out of Year One's mail-order catalog.
If you want the honest truth on the difficulty factor...let's just say if you've never tried to align a fender, then you'll have to deal with a slight learning curve, but it's really a matter of playing with shims to properly fill the gaps. Yep, it's nothing a little patience can't handle. Other than that, the radiator core support, the fender extension, and the front bumper went on with little drama, but we'll get more into that. The one thing we highly recommend you order is a frontend fastener kit. For $59, it comes complete with black-oxide pinch bolts, cage nuts, fender washers, and detailed information of where each piece goes. Besides, you'll be hours ahead by not having to search for miscellaneous bolts.
In the months to come, we'll add larger binders on all four corners to help bring it to a stop, and we'll even address the suspension. That's right, nothing crazy. Just easy bolt-ons for a truly functional street machine. Follow along as we begin the first phase of changing a straight-edge drag piece into something a bit more civil for the street, with a hint of attitude.
Quick Notes
What We Used
Sheetmetal from the Year One catalog
Bottom Line
Easy weekend bolt-on with minimal handtools
Price (Approx)
THE GRAB BAG ITEM PN COST Front bumper BF070 $257 Bumper bolts (8) A8624 $28 Grille filler panel MH698 $93 Bumper brackets> YD27 $154 Radiator core support AJ649 $205 Frontend fastener kit ID127 $59 Left/right fenders JR46LHRH $671 Left fender extension YD84LH $65 Right fender extension YD84RH $65 Total $1,597

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