1966 El Camino Brakes - Brakes In a Box
Not all of us are stunt drivers. There's a point when the factory tubs just aren't going to create enough press to grind your sled to a halt--at least not safely or quickly.
Let's say you need new brakes but don't want to take out a second mortgage to get them, and you really don't want to hassle with large, 12- to 14-inch rotors because that would require a significantly larger wheel and tire combination (which would only add to the cost). What do you do? When it comes to brakes, most guys just want something that works without all the hoopla or flashy calipers.
So what's the best of both worlds? Master Power Brakes offers an 11-inch power disc brake setup for the front of our '66 Elco. While we could have also added discs to the rear, we wanted to keep the build simple and within the constraints of a real-world budget. Thus we opted for the 11-inch big drum kit. It swallows the factory rear brakes by 11/2 inches, and the price was right. Best of all, both brake kits come completely assembled, ready to bolt on right out of the box--seriously.
Why the upgrade? The best way to describe the prowess of our factory four-wheel drum configuration is to compare it to an ocean freighter. We might as well have cut holes in the floorboards so the driver and passenger could stomp their feet down when they needed to stop. This system is 42 years old--definitely time to update the entire system. As for replacing the old with the new, it was too easy. Follow along as we guide you through and put the confidence back in your feet.
New power 11-inch front discs and 11-inch drums
revamp the entire system and start fresh.
The Shopping Cart MFGITEMPNPRICE GoddyearP215/60R15 front
P225/60R15 rear Eagle GT-HR
Eagle GT-HR2 @ 71 ea
2 @ 74 ea MP Brakes11-inch front vented disc kit
11-inch rear vented drum kit
Power boooster &
master cylinder kit
Valve line kit DB1741P

VL3360K 850

140 Superior AxlesRear axlesEV10-2230 Vintage Wheel Works15x7 front
15x8 rearV40
V402 @ 200 ea
2 @ 225 ea Total$3,010

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