1965 Chevy Chevelle - CHP Rides

Check out this 1965 Chevy Chevelle with a Chevy 511 big block engine.Wild Ride
'65 Chevelle
Jason Lynch
Idaho Falls, ID

When Jason Lynch went to trade his old pickup for a two-door Chevelle, he had no idea the kind of ride he was in for. After being driven home with no interior and a bland 396, it now sports an F2 ProCharger-packing, low-compression 511ci big-block. With 20 psi of boost on tap, the big-block mill sports forged internals, including Ross pistons and a Crower cam to help generate 751 hp and 660 lb-ft through the 9-inch rearend and to the tires. Lynch takes pride in completing the cage himself and left all the original metal on the car.

Photo Gallery: 1965 Chevy Chevelle - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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