1955 Chevrolet Nomad - Local Heroes Redux

Mighty Fine'55 nomad
Frank Spadaro
Ballston Lake, NY

Local Heroes Redux
"I've owned this special Chevy since 1980," said Spadaro. "After spending many, many years in chunks and piles as a 'work in progress,' it was finished in 2005." While the engine internals were machined locally, Frank did his own assembly work on the 406 little-block using materials from Crower, Brodix, Weiand, Holley, et al. To accept the power influx, Frank prepped the chassis with new bushings and bolts. He hung a Currie 9+ on the powdercoated frame and connected it with a Richmond six-speed (overdrive) transmission. We don't know who to credit for the paint and bodywork but the results fairly jump off the page-nostalgia going wild here, folks. A PPG Hot Hues Winter Mint Green and Base White illuminate upstate NY (just north of Albany). No bluff anywhere to be found, the car was massaged and fawned over on a rotisserie, and the rare and coveted Chevy landed on the tarmac with American Torq-Thrust 17-inchers and Yokohama rubber. According to Frank, the car has taken many awards and was a Classic Chevy 995-pointer. He says "it rides stiff, but runs 70 mph at 2,000 rpm."

Photo Gallery: 1955 Chevrolet Nomad - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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