being a noob at this LSx and PCM thing and maybe I'm a bit over my head with it, looking for some help.

I'm doing a swap of 02 SS LS1 and I need to modify the engine harness. Been doing a lot of searching and reading. I have found couple diagrams for the 00 VIN G series but when I try to match up colors on connectors they just not the same. There are few things in the lot that I do not need like EGR, EVAP etc and those where easy to pull. One thing I'm stuck at is the fuel pump signal/relay. On the relay it has dark_green/white_stripe but on the PCM red connector pin 9 it has pink/black_tripe and according to the diagram it supposed to be dark_green/black_stripe.

The other thing is the inside cabin connectors C200, C220 and C230 have different color shema as well.

Looking for some help or pointers. Does the 02 SS have different wiring diagram from 00 SS? and what are the cabins connectors supposed to have/need for basis to have it started.