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01 SS anti theft

This is a discussion on 01 SS anti theft within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; +1 for fucking with the neighbors ride. Not really mature and usually I would rather be face to face and ...

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    2001 Camaro SS M6

    +1 for fucking with the neighbors ride. Not really mature and usually I would rather be face to face and settle it, but they are fucking retarded to not call the cops or at least warn you. Almost as bad as the crooks. I wouldn't go extreme, just remove one or two valve stems, don't damage anything. And for the crooks, get yourself a .50 sniper rifle and be well lit, and ask them, do they feel lucky.

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    Just find the fuel pump relay or something and pull it and take inside with you.Bypassing the VATS isn't that difficult.

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    Yea, its not to difficult to bypass it, but not every thief is gonna know how. Only the smart ones who know there cars will be able to. Hell, it kept em from getting away with my moms Camaro one time...

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    I guess you could try this if all else fails...

    just wrap it around your axle or exhaust instead lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texasbadger View Post
    Yep but divorce got me into this place on a "courtesy officer" slot that at the time was a deal, bought this car on May 13th and already dicked with, off to GM for replacement part, looking at Python 902 or Compustar neither with autostart,,,,would love to have pager go off ,,,lean off balcony and BANG,,no more friggen problem.
    Hey I live in Dallas also and if it wasnt for me getting my garage at my apts I would have gone with that brake lock club and an Air IQ system.. I love this system bc if anyone takes your car either by tow or actually is able to drive it away you can go to the website log on and find your car, hell it will even tell you how fast they are going.. If the thief is driving it you can lock and kill the car the next time he does stop.. The system is pretty tight costly but worth it.. And not to mention that you can have a little vengence if you go find your car and the thief just happens to still be

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