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*Brand New* 02 Camaro price

This is a discussion on *Brand New* 02 Camaro price within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; so there is this camaro i know of and its technically titled to the dealer so i guess its not ...

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    *Brand New* 02 Camaro price

    so there is this camaro i know of and its technically titled to the dealer so i guess its not technically "new" but it has like 7 miles on it or something and has been sitting under a cover on the showroom floor since the end of the 4th gen's. It is a black SS M6 loaded up with everything and some slp stuff (lid, center mount exhaust). The dealer has no plans for it. was thinking about giving it to his son at one point but now his son's getting a new 5th gen instead. lucky bastard. Anyways what do you think this car is worth to the right buyer? should he hold on to it? will it appreciate in value?

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    Damn, that suckers gonna dry rot if it sits much longer. I'll buy it up.

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    Prices for cars like that are all over the place. It might be worth 35K + for the right collector but for me personally it's not worth a penny more then the sticker and I wouldn't pay that for it. Heck there is some moron up the street from me who's trying to sell his 99 SS m6 with ttops and 3k miles for 34k.

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    It's worth what ever someone is willing to pay. Sad fact is that most people here wouldn't pay much for it but there is always someone else out there with enough money. Just depends on how long the seller wants to sit on it.
    Pretty much how it goes with any car. This one in particular wouldn't surprise me if someone paid over sticker price. I've seen it before.
    Wait another 10-15 years and who knows what these things will be worth. Some of the SS equipment and/or GM parts are already getting harder to find if at all.

    I say buy one now before you start seeing them roll accross Barrett Jackson

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    i just saw a firehawk go for 23 grand with 0ver 50k miles on it

    some people are nuts

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    i would say it would be worth sticker, which is around 32,000.. i would offer 25k, and work up.
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    if anyone is ever around the western MD (deep creek lake) area our local chevy dealer has an 02 ss 35th anniversary vert with like no mileage on it...been used in the local autumn glory parade a few times.

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