I am preparing to move about 1000 miles (graduated school--woot! ) and so am looking to clear out some things I no longer need. Thought I'd give you guys first dibs!

Set new, never used A/D/S 246ix component tweeters. Recieved under warranty--replaced entire system when crossover and driver failed--I never replaced older tweeters with the newer ones--no need to go through the trouble. $50 + shipping.

5.25" A/D/S driver. only 1. 125 w rms system rating. $20 + shipping

6.5" A/D/S driver. only 1. 150 w rms system rating. $20 + shipping

Rear hatch cargo divider thing... $10 + shipping

Uniden Bearcat sportcat 12 band (including police) scanner. Model: SC 150Y. Works flawlessly; includes AC adapter, manual (not pictured), and frequency guide (may be outdated-I never used it). $50 + shipping

KEG PUMP! Bought this for my 22nd Birthday--never used it since. $10 + shipping

Escort radar detector carrying case ONLY. (no detector or other accessories). I simply don't use this thing. $10 + shipping.

Kasparov automated chess computer. Works great--just not a chess guy. Play the computer or someone else. It senses where pieces are on board and plays referee too. $20 + shipping.

12v car cigarette power splitter. Pay shipping and its yours!

Old school Nintendo Game Boy Pocket! Includes carrying case (over sized-was for the original larger one) and 8 games: Tetris, Batman, TMNT, Motocross, Indy car racing, NBA jam, Operation C, and Terminator 2. $25 + shipping.

Sony CD Walkman. Model: D-E225. Includes AC and car adapter along with the in-line remote. $20 + shipping

Radio Shack RF modulator to hook up new stuff to old school tvs..pay shipping and its yours.

Old 'Realistic' brand stereo mixing console. 5 band. damaged corner, but works perfectly. $20 + shipping

This is getting lengthy... I also have some old NES Zappers and games and a mid 90's Denon dual cassette deck it anyone's interested... Thanks for looking guys!