Im selling 3 items

My xbox360 halo 3 edition
360 games
my oakley gascans
and my gunnar optiks gaming glasses

First is my 360-

This is a 20gig hard-drive special edition halo 3 360, comes with controller, all wires, headset, rechargable battery pack and charger, 1 month gold live card and org. box
for the 360 im asking 110$

for the games, i have the following
Halo 3 - 20$
orange box- 15$
midnight club- LA - 15
forza 2- 10$
need for speed carbon - 10$
rockband 2 - 20$
guitar hero 3 - 20$
pgr3 - 10$

I have 2 guitars also
1 wireless, black - 25$
and one white corded - 20$

next for sale is are my sunglasses
these are oakley gascans
black irdium lenses
black frame with white ghost text
white oakley logo on sides
im asking 80$

Last are my gunnar optiks glasses
these are for gaming and are made for the purpose of reducing glare!
i used these once in a MLG tourney, and never wore them since
im asking 55$

If you are interested, PM me for pictures or any other info!!