Selling my 2003 Suzuki Z400. I have all manuals and slips from when the machine was purchased, I'm the second owner.

Machine has white plastics with black shock covers up front.

Mods include a Uni filter and outerwears airbox screen in place of the airbox lid, 22" rear tires, +2 teeth in rear sprocket, DID X-ring chain, new rear brakes (literally 5 miles on them), endcap delete, 155 main jet, tinted headlght, PRM rear skidplate and Moose full skid for main frame.

I also have the stock endcap, airbox lid, air filter, and 20" stock tires with good cond OEM aluminum rims.

Engine runs perfect, no ticks or knocks and no smoke. Oil has been changed regularly. Frame is NOT bent (machine has never been rolled) and plastics are slightly scratched but in good condition overall.

I bought the complete Hotcam shim kit for adjusting the valves as well as installing a hotcam but I haven't gotten around to it. The prior owner did have the dealer adjust the valves at approx 25hrs, according to him. The shims are still sealed in the box and can be part of the negotiation but cost me over $75 new.

Asking $3200 obo. email me at: bill (at)