Hey guys. Not sure if anyone in the PA/NY region would be interested but I have a pistol I am putting up for sale. This pistol is registered to me and I have the paperwork so it is NOT stolen and I didnt buy it out of the back of some guys van.

I picked this pistol up a few years ago as my first semi-automatic pistol. Its been a hoot to shoot and is decently accurate and has yet to jam on me regardless of the ammo I throw in it.

It is a Ruger P90 Special Edition. It is a .45 ACP and ss the duo tone model with the Hogue grip. I have the case for it, a Fobus holster, and 4 magazines. I have the two that came with it plus I picked up two more. Not sure if I want to sell the extra mag holder or not, price might vary if you want that as well. I will throw in a box (50 count) of BLAZER 235 gr ammo with it.

It is an 8 + 1 gun meaning it holds 8 in the mag and one in the chamber. However, one of the extra mags I picked up only holds 7 shells, not sure why but since I have three others holding 8 I didnt care to investigate it.

It has some wear marks but nothing major, mostly from being put in and out of a holster.

The recoil is minimal with a .45 ACP in my opinion. My girlfriend shoots it and has zero issue with it so I am sure you guys wouldnt either. Like said the gun has never malfunctioned with me and I have put probably only 500 rounds (at very most) through the gun.

These things are not beauty queens and will never win that contest. They are heavy but in my opinion it helps a pistol hold better, at least for me. It does rais up more so than a lot of other .45 auto (compared to 1911 style) but again the recoil really is minimal. I say this not just with the cheap-o ammo but also the +p stuff.

I am asking $425 for everything. That is the gun, case, 4 mags, holster, 2-mag holder, and a box of shells. I am located in ZIP 16928 and if interested I have two places with 8 miles to do the transfer. Or if you want to meet part way we can do that as well.

Hell if you want I will bring some ammo and you can fire off a few magazines and make sure you like and so you can see that if functions 100%.

In case you are wondering a new one is anywhere between $435-$475, depending on where you shop.

The extra Mags are about $25-$30 each, the holser was $25, and the extra mag holder was $25 and a box of shells is about $23.

Thanks for looking guys and feel free to PM me. Open to offers and perhaps car parts for a 2000 Z28 A4 if anyone has anything to possible trade.