Hey, random listing I know.. but due to my apartment complex (Long story) I have to get rid of my snake. I've only had him/her for like 2 months, maybe a little longer. It's about 6-8 months old.. somewhere around 1 foot long, and not even 1/2" thick yet. It's an amenalistic (albino) corn snake.

That is pretty much an exact example of what it looks like. Right now it's eating frozen pinkie mice. Handles great. If you're somewhere local, you can pick it up or I'll meet you somewhere. I'd also be willing to try to ship him. I have a 10 gallon tank, a water bowl, a screen top for the tank, and an under-tank heater. I'd be willing to sell whatever is wanted or needed.

Here's what I paid for everything:
Snake: $45
Tank: $25
Heater: I thought $20.. but I dunno.. I'll figure it in as $15.
Bowl: $5
Screen Top: $10
Frozen Mice: $10 (for 6 mice.. feeds it for 6 weeks.)

Anyway, you can see I've got around $100 or so in it, and I'd like to keep it but am really needing to find it a home. I've been listing it everywhere.

If you're local.. I'd sell the snake and all it's equipment and the 4 or so mice it's got left for like $30. I really need to get it a good home.

If you're further away.. I'd be willing to ship you just the snake if you paid shipping costs. If you want the tank and everything else too.. I'd want like $10 and shipping costs.

I'm letting him go WAY cheap.. so if anyone will give it a good home or knows someone who will.. let me know!! Thanks.