I am selling my brand new Oakleys that I had custom ordered from oakley.com. They are the Canteen with matte black frame and Titanium Iridium lenses and a gunmetal square "O" on the sides, also they are in mint condition. The lenses are the best oakley has produced yet and they have a mirror look which also hides your eyes. These are in the famed Gascan family but smaller and have the square look. Here is a link to so you can get an idea of them, I am not at my house right now so i can get pics on sunday for you but here is a pic I found on google of the Canteen.


They are perfect for me but something just happend and Im now trying to sell alot of stuff I have to get some money. I ordered these last week and received them yesterday. If anyone is interested I can get pics of everthing including the oakley invoice/receipt so you know they are legit and not fake. I have sold 2 modded xboxs to members on ls1.com so I am an honest seller.

I paid $140 on Oakley.com but I will sell to you for $95 with free shipping. My loss your gain.

Thanks, my email is RoccoRiccitelli@aol.com