I have for sale an Ibanez RGT42DXFM guitar.

The guitar is great, I absolutely love it!!! Unfortunatly it's the only guitar I have that doesn't have sentimental value. Which means it has to get sold because I'm funding my "Buy an LS1 T-top 6Speed leather Camaro."

The neck is fast, the Trem is great. Stays in tune untill the strings go to shit, no matter how much you beat the whammy. 5 pickup selector is freking great, the rest of my guitars are 3 pots.

There is no cosmetic problems except for a tiny tiny ding. So small when I tried to take pictures of it, it didn't show up. It's right below the corner of the neck by the pickup. No tech problems at all! The set-up is great. Whoever gets this guitar will be one happy lad!!!

Ok, for the specs. Oh, did I mention it's a neck through? This is guitar is the last step before a prestige.

I have all hardware, and even the original bill of sale. It comes with one thick ass soft case! Comes with the factory manual and non-filled out warrentee card.


Wizard II (neck-thru)
5pc. Maple/ Walnut Neck Material
Mahogany w/Flamed Maple top Body
24/Jumbo frets
Bound Rosewood Finger Board
Edge Pro II bridge
IBZ INF1 (H) Neck PU
IBZ INF2 (H) Bridge PU
Deluxe Sharktooth Inlay


The guitar is a little over 1,000 brand new. ZZsounds has them for about 780. I'm looking to get $650 shipped to your door.

Like I said, you won't be disapointed. The guitar is awsome and smooth. It's given me an inspiration few ever have, unfortunatly this doesn't have any sentimental connection with anyone else, so it has to be sacrificed for the Camaro.

Shoot me a PM or email at dylanrg@gmail.com

Thanks guys!

MORE PICS AT MY PHOTO BUCKET(http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v454/RainDownMyBlues)
The ovation is also for sale, make an offer. It's a CK47 or something along those lines. If your interested I'll look for the modle number when I get home.