I'm selling a Getzen Eterna trumpet.

this trumpet is from the Eterna Professional series.

it is model number 700 serial P20488.

the horn is silver (I don't mean wow, look a silver trumpet! I mean the horn is made of silver)

This horn has been a great instrument for me, it's the horn that I played for my college audition, and my jazz band audition.

I have been playing it for roughly a year and a half now (for performances only) but I have just purchased a Bach Stradivarius, and have no further need for this horn.

when you purchase this horn it will come with:

1 new still in box- schilke 14a4a mouthpiece
1 used- Bach 3c mouthpiece
1 used- Bach 1 1/2c mouthpice
1 used- Bach 7c mouthpice.

metal care kit, valve oil, slide grease, shilke lubricant, 1 harmon brand straight mute, and a KACES brand soft case