Well lookis like it will be better to break everthing up. Shipping is included in the price, consider everything to be bare unless you ask becasue not sure what exactly I have laying around.(such as cables ,cds, manuals etc..) Confirmed paypal is preferred. Everyhting comes the delivery confirmation. Most small things will be usps with dc and the bigger things will be ups. So heres the list. Things are obo cant hurt to try. I got all my prices from pricewatch.

amd athlon 64 939 3500 newcastle $185 shipped
Antec lanboy case with antec true 430 ps $75 shipped
msi k8n neo 4 motherboard $65 shipped
thermaltake venus 12 hsf w/fan controllers (i think) $20 shipped
poercooler g4-vga (never used ) $10 shipped
msi 6600 lite pci-e $60 shipped
black cdrw/dvd $25 shipped
netgear wg322 v2 pci wireless card w/longer ant $25 shipped
maxtor 40 gig not working $10 shipped
maxtor ext case might work $15 shipped

Thanks for looking bumps appreciated