need to get rid of some phones i have laying around. all these phones have clear esn and work with sprint only.

Lg Fusic - includes phone, charger, and faceplates. good condition, screens look perfect, normal blemishes from using the phone. small port charger is kinda loose so doesnt always charge well. the usb/data port works perfectly when charging through it. asking $120 shipped

Sanyo Katana - phone itself works perfectly. cosmetically doesnt look too hot. includes box, manual, charger, headphone adapter. asking $90 shipped

Samsung a900 Blade - great condition, screens look great as well, includes box, manual, headphones, charger, data cable. $120 Shipped

Lg Muziq - excellent condition, includes everything just as it does brand new. used less than a month asking $220 shipped

Razr2 V9m - the phone everyone has been talking about. i activated this phone to try it out. sent a few texts, made some phone calls, checked out the options, couldn't get used to it and switched back to my other phone. activated for less than a day. never even placed the phone to my ear, i use bluetooth. asking $320 shipped

any questions please e-mail me thanks