Duratrax Street Force gp
1/10 Nitro onroad car, 4wd, belt driven, 2-speed transmission, 50+ mph!

My father bought this for me like 5 years ago. It was used when he bought it, apparently the original owner burnt the clutch braking it in and just sold it back to the LHS (Local Hobby Shop). The LHS rebuilt the clutch and put it for sale. It looked brand new.

In the 5 years I probably put MAYBE 10 tanks through it. There simply isnít a good place to use it in my area. Crappy Maine roads I used it in school parking lots and even then there were too many cracks and stuff so I couldnít use it to its full potential. I always used after run oil since I knew I wouldnít be using it much. I just started it today and it runs great, has great compression.

About the car:
It has new rims and tires with only 1 easy tank of fuel with them, plenty of life left. The body mounts are new and are not cut. I was going to get a new body but lost interest. Nothing wrong with this car at all, add your receiver and batteries and let it rip! It's very fast and controllable even with the .15 motor. Itís very easy to tune too. Iím also keeping the fuel filter, it will have new fuel line in its place so its still ready to go.

Comes with:
Complete with servos, minus the receiver, radio, and 4AA battery holder; it broke. It's just a standard radio shack type 4AA holder. I was going to go with a rechargeable 5 cell anyway. Thereís no paperwork either, never had it. Pretty sure you can just dl the manual still. Body is in good shape as I mostly used it without the body.

They make some sweet body's for these cars including a 4th gen Camaro and TA made by HPI.

Think they were $250 new RTR

Would like to get $130 plus shipping.

If you have any questions about the car or whats needed to get it going feel free to ask.